Cable’s Impact in Indiana

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The internet plays a significant role in how we live, work, and play. Indiana’s cable broadband industry is proud to be the engine of our digital lives. We represent innovators and creators – an industry building the world’s most powerful technology platform and creating exciting content and services that entertain, inform and inspire consumers every day.

We connect—that’s what we do, every day. Connecting Hoosiers to the people, things, and entertainment they love.

In every way possible, our industry is breaking barriers to build faster, better services that connect Hoosiers to the world. Our investments in Indiana allow us to deliver the fastest speeds, the most robust networks, and seamless connections to millions of Hoosier homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, data centers, nonprofit organizations and more throughout the state.

By doing so, we strengthen the economy of our entire state. From content streaming and virtual reality innovations to telehealth and educational opportunity- we are leading the innovation evolution of how people connect to the world.

But the need to connect continues. Our members work every day to expand broadband access for unserved Hoosiers and to provide resources to those who have access but still don’t connect.

The Indiana Cable and Broadband Association is grateful to be part of this dynamic and exciting time in history. As you get online to telecommute, take classes, refill a prescription, catch your favorite tv show, and chat with your loved ones, our members are here to keep you connected.