Broadband Leaders are Transforming Rural Indiana

Broadband Leaders are Transforming Rural Indiana

Broadband Leaders are Transforming Rural Indiana

Ncta Blog 2019 08 01

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association partnered with the Rural Broadband Caucus to host a panel in Washington, DC. This panel provided member companies the ability to share programs and initiatives they are implementing to expand broadband to underserved areas.

Representative Peter Welch of Vermont said, “If we’re going to make any progress in revitalizing rural America, then broadband is just bottom line essential.”

Our members who attended this panel spoke about programs they are implementing all across the country to improve rural broadband for Hoosiers.

Comcast spoke on their promise to make sure unserved areas are “tightly defined,” so that areas with little or no broadband access are targeted precisely.

Mediacom has now deployed one gigabit service to 98% of its service area. Mediacom has proven their capability to bring “small-town America” up to speed and vows to reach more rural areas.

Charter spoke on their trials using fixed wireless technology to bring broadband to rural America. Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Colleen King said, “We’re looking to see how we can use new wireless technologies to expand the reach of our network.”


Charter is currently working with the Federal Communications Commission to open up the potential possibilities for unlicensed spectrum, allowing providers to expand beyond the normal fiber network.