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Employees and providers for Indiana’s cable and broadband providers live in communities across the state of Indiana, providing the access and infrastructure to connect millions of Hoosiers to information, entertainment and opportunity. See how cable and broadband providers are connecting with communities across the state, providing assistance where it’s needed most and forming local bonds with Indiana residents.

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Expanding Broadband Access

As Indiana residents rely more than ever before on reliable and affordable high speed internet to realize their educational, social and economic potential, the Indiana Cable and Broadband Association recognizes the power of cable and broadband to improve lives for individuals across the Hoosier state.

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The Future
of Fast

Gigabit speeds have allowed our industry to expand our digital lives. The next landmark our members will be introducing is the implementation of 10G networks. 10G will provide the necessary platform to foster new innovations and will connect Hoosiers even more than ever before.

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Hiring Hoosier Heroes

Military veterans have long been recognized as an outstanding talent pool. Their extensive leadership and teamwork experience make them an ideal workforce – especially in a fast moving, constantly shifting industry like broadband. With so many experienced men and women returning home and seeking careers, cable and broadband companies know the value in hiring military veterans and their families.