The Future of Fast

The Future of Fast

Reaching Faster Speeds Together

As technology continues to develop by leaps and bounds, streaming is now an everyday necessity for both work and play. High speed internet more than ever is the biggest single factor that allows Hoosiers to function in their daily lives, and our members want to ensure that Hoosiers can stay connected at speeds as fast as possible. Now, with the launch and growth of gigabit speeds, our members Hoosiers are receiving the fastest speeds available. Introducing gigabit speeds has vastly improved Hoosiers’ connected lives by allowing multiple tasks to be completed simultaneously with no interruptions. While many Hoosier homes already receive speeds up to one gigabit, the future of gigabit speed is endless.

What is a Gigabit?

A bit measures how fast data transfers over a network. Giga refers to one billion. A gigabit is a connection speed that can transmit data at one billion bits per second. With gigabit speeds, Hoosiers receive shorter lag times when streaming.

Road to 10G

Gigabit speeds have allowed our industry to expand our digital lives. The next landmark our members will be introducing is the implementation of 10G networks. 10G will provide the necessary platform to foster new innovations and will connect Hoosiers even more than ever before. Our members have already begun to implement necessary infrastructure to launch 10G and keep Hoosiers up to speed.